Fast-absorbing, non-oily, after-shave fluid
Immediately soothes tightness, redness and razor burn
Promotes the regeneration of micro cuts

Instantly soothes shaving-related skin irritations such as tightness, redness or razor burn. Absorbs in a matter of seconds, leaving a lasting feeling of suppleness and freshness.

Active ingredients:
TAUREC - an innovative active complex - rapidly increases the skin's ability to regenerate. Wound healing after micro-cuts caused by shaving is thus increased by up to 150 percent. Skin is vitalized, reliably protected and more resilient. The finest-quality wheat proteins smooth the skin, making fine lines and wrinkles disappear. Valuable micro-algae supply deep-action moisture.

After Shave Fluid

  • 50ml Apply to face morning and evening, after cleansing or shaving.