Light energizing gel-cream
    Combats natural skin aging
    Effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles

New Energizing Anti-Wrinkle Gel-Cream with additional anti-wrinkle active ingredients works to effectively diminish wrinkles and fine lines. Contains new active ingredient Birch extract for an effective anti-wrinkle effect, plus Wheat proteins that tighten and smooth the skin. Also revitalizes, protects and regenerates with Taurec complex. *Replaces Energizing Age Preventing Gel-Cream

Active Ingredients:

    Birch extract: effective anti-wrinkle effect
    Wheat proteins: tightens and smoothes the skin
    Corn proteins: strengthens the skin
    Taurec Complex: revitalizes, protects, regenerates
    Zinc: mattifies

Energizing Anti-Wrinkle Gel Cream

  • 50ml Apply to face morning and evening after cleansing.