Instant visible smoothing effect.  Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and lips are plumped up from the inside.  Lip contour is redefined and the lips are left feeling soft and supple

This innovative lip treatment with hyaluronic acid creates a unique and instantly visible smoothing effect. In addition, the multi-vector biopeptide activates the skin's natural production of hyaluronic acid and plumps up the lips from the inside. Free from parabens, mineral oil, fragrance and artificial colorants for optimal skin compatibility.

Active ingredients:

    Hyaluronic acid: the highest concentration supplies the skin with moisture down to the deepest levels and thus plumps up the skin of the lips instantly and effectively
    BABOR tripeptide activates the skin’s own hyaluronic acid synthesis and stabilizes collagen fibers

Lip Booster

  • 15ml After cleansing, apply mornings and/or evenings to the lip and mouth area using attached roller applicator. Leave on briefly to take effect. Regular lip make-up can be applied on top.