The highest concentration of Lumicol in the ReVersive range.
    Glow-Tech pigments for an instant and youthful glow.
    Innovative Mousse texture to perfect the skin.
    Plus ReVersive active ingredients of RE-YOUTH COMPLEX.

ReVersive SUPREME GLOW is a high-end product developed to intensify skin radiance and improve the signs of aging. The cream contains Glow-Tech pigments which gives the skin an instant and youthful glow, while the innovative mousse texture evens out the skin for a perfect complexion.

Supreme Glow anti-aging cream

  • Use in the morning and as required, after cleansing. Apply a thin layer to the skin. Also makes an ideal make-up base. For best results, we recommend using the cream at night in combination with REVERSIVE anti-aging cream or cream rich (for the specific skin type). 50ml