A high-performing 4-step system that provides a fast-acting answer to all anti-aging needs. It utilizes a multifunctional approach to preventing premature aging while revealing a smooth, illuminating youthful complexion. Specially formulated for mature complexions or women/men looking to give their skin a preventative anti-aging boost.

The regimen begins with the Ultimate Derma Optimizer Serum. The multi-functional serum provides immediate results when used in combination with one of the four innovative booster-concentrates.

    Derma Optimizer Serum 50 ml
    Specific Hydro Booster 10ml (Blue)
    Specific Cell Protect Booster 10 ml (Red)
    Specific Anti-Stress Booster 10 ml (Green)
    Specific Anti-Wrinkle Booster 10 ml (Gold)

Result: The skin will reveal a radiant, smooth and youthfully fresh complexion.

Ultimate Derma Optimazer

  • 90ml