Highly concentrated facial mask to provide intensive support for the skin's regenerative processes
    This rich mask contains highly concentrated BIOGEN® PLANT extract
    In addition to providing intensive support for the skin's regenerative processes, it is an outstanding choice for post-operative care
    The high concentration of this unique combination of active ingredients effectively supports the skin’s own regeneration
    The skin ideally absorbs the ingredients thanks to the mask’s occlusive effect
    The skin regenerates more quickly as a result

An enriched mask with very highly dosed, regenerating BIOGEN® PLANT Extract. The occlusive effect of the mask enhances absorption of active ingredients.
Active Ingredients:

    BIOGEN PLANT extract: 20%: Natural herb and plant extracts of rosemary, ginseng, nettle, figwort, watercress, sorrel, fumitory and bladderwrack. Result: Intensively regenerating and repairing
    Royal Jelly: Rich in protein, carbohydrates, lipids, B vitamins and trace elements. Promotes regeneration
    Natural plant oils: shea butter, olive oil, soybean oil

Ultimate Repair Mask

  • 50ml