Visibly reduces the depth of lines, firms skin, defines contours.
•  Alaria esculenta and amaranth oil: has a positive effect on the skin. Helps stimulate natural hyaluronic acid synthesis in the skin and boosts cellular energy reserves.
•  Maltotriose-1-6-Polysaccharid: immediate anti-wrinkle effect.
•  Alaria Esculenta: activates skin’s hyaluronic acid synthesis, improves lipid barrier and binds moisture.
NEW DOCTOR BABOR BOOST CELLULAR Bi-phase Ampoules combine the instant effects of an active ampoule with the rich moisturizing properties of oil. This innovative bi-phase symbiosis of skin-identical micro-lipids works just like an ampoule penetrating deep into the epidermis where microfine lipids act like a cream that has been further enriched with high-tech active ingredients. Shake the ampoule briefly to combine the phases and create an effective oil-and-water blend. The special texture is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it velvety-soft yet shine free. DOCTOR BABOR BOOST CELLULAR Ampoules consist of Glow Booster Bi-Phase Ampoules, Youth Control Bi-Phase Ampoules and Stress Relief Bi-Phase Ampoules.

Youth Control Bi-Phase-Ampoules

  • Shake well before use to blend the two phases of the ampoule. Wrap a tissue around the neck of the ampoule and with your other hand snap it open at the lowered colored ring. Pour the fluid into your hand and apply it your face neck and décolleté.