VIOFOR  JPS system magnetostimulation generates a weak, slow changing magnetic fields with low magnetic
induction value with specially designed impulses.  For the body, this biological magnetostimulation mechanizm

- Analgesic effect
- Regenerative effect
- Vasodilatory
- Anti – inflammatory
- Stimulation of stem cells
- For relaxing and has an antispastic effect.

Magnetostimulation by Viofor JPS is particulary recommended to treat pain of various origin, and motor system diseases or neurological deseases.  Viofor JPS is provided not only for use by doctors for physical rehabilitation also used in SPAs and beauty salons.  Magnetostimulation by Viofor JPS has given clients relief for many  diseases such as fibromialgia, osteoporosis, andro- and menopause, facial palsy, acne and skin problems, reumatoid arthritis, sciatica, stress etc.

The results of the use of the Viofor JPS system is not only seen in the skin health effects but also the relaxation with the wellness and power felt by his or her body and soul after treatments.


In addition with LED Therapy combined with Low Frequency Magnetic stimulation creates a synergetic action that
conditions the skin to absorb three times more cosmetics during the treatment.  Magnetic & Light plus the use of rich cosmetics suited for the individual skin issues, provide the client with skin that is healthier, stronger, self protected, and younger looking.

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